Simple Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do at Home

Effective Yet Simple Home Bands Training Routine

Due to the busy lifestyle that people have today, many individuals tend to forget that they must engage themselves to regular exercise for better health, performance, as well as to tone down the body. There are many ways on how to do exercise and one of these ways would be through resistance bands exercises.

The good thing about resistance bands exercises is that you can actually do them at the comfort of your own home. With resistance bands exercises you will be able to feel rejuvenated as well as achieve the healthy body that you have always wanted. So, since you can do resistance bands exercises at home, you no longer have to spend money going to the gym just to exercise.

Why is a resistance band better?

A resistance band is one of the most effective tools you can get. It may even get more efficient than pairs of dumbbells because it can target all your body parts. You are moving in a full range motion, which would test and practice your utmost strength and balance. Plus, since resistance bands are really lightweight you can bring the anywhere you go and you can use them anytime you want to.

So, here is a routine you could follow when exercising at home. You can do this in your bedroom, in the living room, or basically anywhere that you are comfortable using it. This is totally easy to follow and perform yet very accurate in toning your body muscles and burning those extra fats away:

Lunging and Bicep Curls

You can do some lunging combined with bicep curls. All you have to do is to hold both ends of the resistance exercise band on each of your hand, step on the middle with one foot, and then you can do your lunging steps.

In lunging, you can step your one foot (starting with the left foot is more advisable) forward approximately two feet, so you can ensure yourself absolute accuracy and toning. You can do this for 20 repetitions.

Squat and Bicep Toning

The next thing you can do is a mix of squat and toning of biceps. First, you need to stand firmly with your legs wider than the length of your shoulder. After that, you can hold the resistance exercise band at its ends on each of your hand. Do the squatting procedure for 20 repetitions.

Squat and Bicep Toning (Difficult)

The next exercise would resemble the former workout however quite more challenging. This time, you have to step on the resistance exercise band, specifically on the middle of it, with your legs wide apart. Then hold each of the band’s ends on each of your hand in a shoulder level. It is highly advised by workout trainers to do the squatting with overhead press for 20 repetitions.


To tone down your abs and legs, you can do some crunching with the aid of the band. Well, all you have to do is find a location where you can lie down which is near from any object where you can loop the band, more preferably on a doorknob. Once everything is set, you can now proceed with the crunching procedure for more or less 15-20 repetitions, depending on how much you can endure.

These resistance bands exercises would definitely help you with your strengthening and balancing workouts. You will sweat a lot and burn more than what you think you can possibly do.