How to Select The Best Resistance Bands

There are many choice for you if you are looking for a resistance bands set, however, with the wide choices available, how do you select the best resistance bands set for you? Not all resistance bands are the same, some bands are more durable, have more accessories, others are cheaper and more user-friendy. Below are some tips to help you select the best resistance bands.

Resistance bands set or single bands?

Resistance bands come in sets or they may be sold singly, to determine whether you should buy a set or just a single band, ask yourself how often do you plan to use the bands. If you already have weights and other gym equipment at home then you may not need to use the bands often, hence a single band may be a better choice for you. However, if you travel a lot and want to have a portable workout equipment, you should go for the set.

The advantage of buying resistance bands sets is that it is often more economical compared to bands that are sold singly. In addition, you do not have to worry about selecting the right resistance level for bands set as there are a range of resistance levels to choose from in addition, you can combine multiple bands to produce more resistance levels.

Basic or Advanced?

Different features and designs of bands set means that some of them are meant for more advanced users. The sunframe extreme resistance bands set for example, is meant for more advanced trainers or even professionals as the bands are thicker and are able to provide more tension (harder to stretch) Amateurs or beginners can go for the kylin sports resistance bands set instead.

If you’re already lifting weights, the advanced resistance bands set may be more suitable for you. If you intend to perform complex moves or sports with the bands, such as sprint training, boxing the advanced sets may be more suitable. Lastly, special functions such as pull-up assist can be better performed with bands that have more resistance.


Most if not all bands set comes with basic accessories like the door anchor and ankle, if you need special accessories such as waist strap, training manual or even training dvd, you have limited options. The gofit extreme resistance bands set has training dvd included.

Comfort level

If comfort is important to you, then you should check the handles of the bands. As a general rule, handles that are made of foam is more comfortable to use and have more friction, however, they ay soak in sweat and may become stinky after some time. Handles that are covered in plastic have less friction and are typically more durable.