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Resistance Bands Training for Beginners

Resistance bands training tips for beginners

Many who are new to strength training or working out prefer to get a set of resistance bands as their workout tool. Resistance training with bands can be beneficial in numerous ways. If you are a dummy when it comes to resistance bands training, the tips below might help you get started.

Focus on basics

Sounds pretty cliche but it is important for beginners to focus on simple movements that builds muscle and increase definition. Practice doing simple movements like curls, rows and flys with perfect form, ignore the resistance or the number of reps. Getting your form right is essential and definitely helps as you progress to higher intensity and more complex exercises.

The video below is a good demonstration of peforming simple moves with good form. You are recomended to try the workout below when you have time.

The video below is an example of advanced moves with resistance bands, something you should avoid at least for now. This is to show you what I mean by complex moves and simple moves.

Learn from experts

When you just started out, resistance bands may be a difficult tool to handle. It’s normal and all beginners face the problem of correcting their form when they just started.

You should watch and learn from experienced trainers, either through reading articles like this one or watching youtube videos with clear instructions. The video below is a good example of simple exercises and how good form and prevent injury.

If you prefer to learn from videos, searching for “resistance bands training” or “simple resistance bands” on youtube can get you many useful results. If reading is your preferred style, has tons of valuable tips to share to beginners and advanced bands trainers.

Choosing the right band

Choosing the right band for your workouts are essential. Beginners shouild stick to light bands such as those in the 10-15lb range. Since the bands resistance will increase at the end of the move 10-15lbs would usually be adequate for a beginner.

Join a fitness program

If you are serious about getting result, you should get a fitness program. There are lots of options available from home workout programs to outdoor programs. The best workout programs that can be done easily at home and uses resistance bands are beachbody programs.

I personally recommend P90X by Tony Horton. Many of the exercises in P90X uses resistance bands and there are modifier moves so you do not have to worry if you cannot keep up with the regular version.

Power 90 is a great alternative to P90X especially if you want a less intense workout program. Resistance bands are a core feature in this program so you are guaranteed to become a bands master at the end of the program.