Resistance Bands Exercises

Resistance bands can be used to work every part of your body, from your neck to your calves, however, the learning curve for resistance bands is steeper compared to that of free weights. However, that does not mean that resistance bands exercises are less effective than weight training. Many professional use resistance bands training to improve their speed, endurance and strength. There are many resistance bands training gyides online and many fitness programs such as p90x and t25 includes resistance bands tutorials in the program.

Upper Body Exercises

Strengthening of the upper body and building muscles can be achieved with bodyweight exercises but to accelerate your results and achieve greater gains, you need tools such as resistance bands, pull up bars or weights. Complex tools such as gym machines, benches are useful but not necessary to acheive good results.

Upper body resistance bands exercises require resistance bands handles and bands. Having multiple bands is very useful and is necessary if you intend to work out multiple body parts. Accessories such as door anchor can help you work your chest and arm muscles from different angles. If you are a beginner, the author recommend that you stick with basic exercises such as curls for biceps, tricep extensions, shoulder press and front raises. These exercises should be enough to get you started but as you progress through your workout you might want to move on to more advanced moves.

Complex exercises below can provide more tension for your muscles and increase your agility:
1. Chest Press: Using a door anchor, loop the resistance bands through the loop and bring both handles to the front of your body, then extend your arms and push the 2 handles as close to each other as possible. This exercise is great for your chest.

2. Bent Over Row: Hold the middle of the bands to the floor by stepping on it with both feet. Then bend down 90 degrees and bring the handles close to your body while keeping your arms parallel to your torso. This exercise works your back muscles.

3. Static Arm Curls: Similar to bicep curls except that you only perform curls on one arm while the other is stationary at waist level, do as many reps as you can with that arm and switch to the other arm when you cannot do more.

Lower Body Exercises

Most lower body exercises with resistance bands requires ankle straps which is included in most resistance bands sets in Singapore. You might also want to include more bands or thicker ones as your leg muscles will require more tension. The simplest exercise and also the most effective one is the bands squat. Pull the handles to your neck and perform a squat. Lunges with resistance bands is effective at working your quads, if you are looking for calves exercises,, consider doing the ankle flexion.

Cardio Exercises

To incorporate resistance bands in your cardio exercises you will want to choose a light-weight band that allows you to perform more repetitions. To achieve the effect of increasing your heart rate and burning calories, you can include exercises like boxing and squat hops which involves multiple muscle groups and hence burns more calories.