Why Resistance Bands are Better Than Dumbbells

Resistance bands can be used to substitute free weights for strength training. More and more people are begining to switch to resistance bands set as they realise its benefits. Resistance bands are an inexpensive and flexible alternative to dumbbells, there are several aspects in which resistance bands have an edge over dumbbell sets. Below are some of the advantages of using bands instead of weights.


If you travel a lot or change office/residential places quite frequently, then resistance bands would be a good choice as they are compact and light. If you wish to train in your work area, you can bring the resistance band set along with you unlike dumbbells which are heavy and difficult to carry around. Many resistance bands set comes with a bag which makes carrying it easier.

Work multiple muscle groups

For those who dislike weights as they do little to improve functional fitness, resistance bands is an option as the tension from the bands is applied to multiple muscle groups which mimicks real life movements. Many athletes prefer resistance bands as it provides resistance in the same way as their sport would. For example, sprinters uses resistance bands for leg training to increase their strength and endurance.

Work specific muscle groups

Resistance bands are easier to manoeuvre hence they many exercises can be done to work on smaller and more specific muscle groups. Combination of bands and accessories like the door anchor allows muscles to be worked from many angles hence specific parts of the body such as the rear deltoids can be strengthened with resistance bands training. On the hand, dumbbells and weights are harder to manoevre which explains why many people use them to perform basic exercises such as bicep curls, shoulder presses, etc. Working specific muscle groups will have to be done with lighter weights due to limited capacity of stabiliser muscles which results in the exercise being less effective.

Easier to adjust resistance level

Resistance bands are elastic latex bands which provides tension when stretched, the greater the distance stretched, the larger the tension, hence the resistance level can be adjusted easily by increasing the distance of the band being stretched (just like how a rubber band works). For example, when doing shoulder presses, increasing the distance between your feet will result in greater tension in the bands which is equivalent to more weight on your shoulders. However, to achieve the same effect with dumbbells and barbells, one would have to purchase heavier weights or buy more weights plates which is expensive and time consuming.


Resistance bands set are significantly cheaper than weights. Even professional grade resistance bands set which provide generous resistance are cheaper than the lighter weights. For those who are just starting out, investing in a resistance bands set might be a wiser choice.