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How to get more results with resistance bands training

If you’ve begun to outgrow your first pair of resistance bands, you may be wondering what your next step should be to keep the momentum going and maintain the challenge in your workouts. Rather than going with what most people’s first instincts are (using thicker bands, buying one of those large, expensive contraptions), consider some of these tips to improve your workouts, while essentially keeping the same equipment you started with.

Multiply and Grow

One secret that many do not know starting out with resistance bands training is that bigger is not better. That is, bigger or thicker bands do not provide the best measure of challenge to a workout. This is due to the nature of the bands and how the degree of resistance does not scale very well for a consistent increase in force required.

Instead, multiply the number of bands you are using and keep the flexibility. Two regular-size bands are in fact superior to 1 thick or heavy-load band. What’s even better is that, for example, you can slowly increase your resistance by adding a light band to your medium band and get a step that is perfect for natural-building tone.

Diversify your Workouts

The thing about bodybuilding is that while repetition is key to building muscles, so is keeping your exercises dynamic, targeting all the different muscle groups in your body. You can also try working out with a buddy, too. This done by alternating between one person holding or anchoring a circular band and the other pulling on it by walking away from each out.

A big way to boost your workouts is to build your exercises around your core. What I mean by that is finding a way to target multiple areas of the body, by starting from your core and working your way out. You can, for example, use one exercise that targets your abs, hamstrings, and biceps all at once by standing on a circular band with your feed spread shoulder-width apart. Pull the bands over your shoulders from the back, then get into a squat and hold it there for 5 seconds and get up slowly.

This is just 1 example of a multi-dynamic workout with resistance bands. And the best part of it all is that resistance bands can be taken anywhere and you can still get in a gym-quality workout in a very small space, whether you’re on a trip, vacation, or even at your desk at work!