FAQs From Customers

How to Order

There are 3 ways which you can order:

1) Via the order form on the product pages. Fill in all the details and submit the form

2) Go to the order page and choose the product,  fill up the details and submit

3) SMS 81136169 with your name and product you wish to order

What is the payment method?

Currently, the only payment method we accept is cash upon delivery. We will confirm with you the total amount and estimated delivery time via SMS 2-3 days after you have placed the order.

Please prepare the exact amount when delivery man comes as he might not have change.

Which resistance bands should I buy?

We have compared the resistance bands set side by side on our comparison page.

In short, you should consider 3 things:

1) Are you a beginner or have you used resistance bands before?

2) Do you need a high resistance set for heavy strength training?

3) What is your budget?

If you are still unsure, you can email admin@resistanceband.sg for more info.

Can I buy the items in the set separately

Nope, sorry to inform you that we do not sell the items separately. You can go to our shop to see all items available.

However, we will definitely be adding new items like single bands, smaller bands set to cater to more customers. If you wish to get notified when new products are available, you can subscribe via the form on the right.

Missing Items in Set

If you found anything items missing in your resistance bands set, you can contact me via SMS or email admin@resistanceband.sg and we will mail you the missing items for free.

Missing items are rare as we check our sets before delivery to ensure all items are in.

Faulty/defective items

If there’s a defect in any of the bands or accessories, let us know immediately via email (admin@resistanceband.sg). Please attache a photo showing the defect. We will arrange for a replacement asap.

Is there warranty for the bands?

Sorry, we are unable to provide warranty as we do not manufacture the bands. We do guarantee that the set will be sent in a brand new, working condition and if you find defects we will replace the bands/accessory for you for free.

You can learn more about how to maintain the condition of your bands and durability of bands