Durability of Resistance Bands in Singapore

The Number 1 Concern

Durability of resistance bands is the utmost concern most people have when they are considering buying a set of resistance bands. Truth is most resistance bands are not as durable as dumbbell sets, but that does not mean that they do not last. Dumbbells virtually last forever unless you misuse them. Resistance bands, on the other hand, are unable to last as long.

From experience, the average lifespan of resistance bands can last between 6 months to 2 years, depending on frequency and intensity of use. Even if resistance bands do not last as long as dumbbells, they are still a worthy investment as you probably need a new set of stength training tools , due to strength gains, by the time your bands wear out.

Signs of wear and tear

You will know when you might need to start saving up for a new set of bands when the following signs of wear and tear appears on your bands.

1. Thinner band head

The tip of the resistance band that is attached to the hook/clip which attaches to the handles or other accessories is known as the band head. Over time, after countless pulling of the bands, the band head might slowly begin to lengthen and move apart from the clip. When that happens, you might notice that the heads of the bands appear thinner and might drop off from the handle.

Depending on the quality of the resistance band, some bands are more securely attached to the hook which enable them to last longer, others that are not so securely attached might require to pay more attention to the heads to see when you need to replace the bands.

Good news is that if you have a resistance bands set, you can always use another band instead of spending money for replacement.

2. Broken/snapped bands

The occurrence of bands breaking is rare unless you got a really low quality set. As such, you should always read reviews and ask questions before ordering (how to select resistance bands). Purchasing bands from reputable brands can also prevent this nightmare from happening.

The gofit resistance bands for example, has the “inner cord teachnology” that prevents bands from snapping. Beside using high quality latex, the gofit bands is reinforced with inner tubing.

Broken bands typically do not cause injury accept in a few rare cases where you use the bands to support your weight.

3. Change in colour/texture

This is a last sign of wear and tear and does not happen in the short term. Change in surface colour and texture of bands usually happends after 1-2 years and usually does not affect the function of the resistance band. After exposure to sunlight and air, the colour of the bands may fade and the band surface may feel rough instead of smooth.

If you expose the bands to water, some metallic components in the bands such as the clip/hook or handles may rust affecting user experience.

Overall, resistance bands in Singapore are generally durable and able to last long, they are a worthy investment that can bring various benefits.

There are a few ways which you can increase the lifespan of your resistance bands set, to learn about those tips you can read this article.