resistance bands

Convenient Resistance Bands Exercise For Huge Arms

Get HUGE Arms With These Bands Exercises That Can Be Done ANYWHERE

Resistance bands provides you with convenience unlike any other tool. They can be done anywhere. Pack a set of resistance bands into your travelling bag and you can workout anywhere you want. Having some accessories in the set is essential to make use of your surroundings for a better workout. (get the door anchor here).

Although resistance bands are effective, knowing the right resistance band exercises is a prerequisite for it to be effective. Below are some of the most effective bands exercises that can be done anywhere.

For a complete workout I recommend you do the 12 reps, 3 sets for the exercises below. All the exercise below require you to attach your bands to the top of your door/a bar with a door attachment/hook.

1. Standing preacher curls

With a door attachment/hinge secured at the top of your door or a bar.

1. Hold on to the handles in each hand and get way back from the bar (rest position)
2. Without moving your torso, pull the bands to your eyebrow
3. Hold for 1-2 seconds and return to rest position

2. Standing reverse tricep extensions


The further away you stand from the bar/door, the greater the tension. Remember to use reverse grip on this one.

3. Alternating gladiator curls


Similar to the standing preacher curls except that the grip is neutral (palms facing towards each other) and the pulling action is towards your opposite shoulder. The alternating gladiator curls works similar to the crossbody curls with weights.

4. Overhead tricep extensions


You would want to use a ligher resistance band for this one. The image above shows the end position where the arm is parallel to the ground and the handle is furthest away from the bar, hence giving the maximum resistance. (Note the overhand grip).

In rest position, you would want to let your hands go behind your head so as to get the largest range of motion.

5. Supine bicep curls


Supine (lying down) bicep curls is hard so choose your bands wisely. You can also move closer to your door/bar if its too hard.

Keep your lower back and feet flat on the floor and your head slightly raised from the ground. You can feel your biceps being squeezed as you pull the handles further back.

6. The bird


An interesting band exercise that works your triceps, shoulders and traps.

1. Keeping your arms outwards by the side of your body and overhand grip (palms facing away from the bar/door)
2. Push the handles downwards and slightly towards the front of yoour body
3. Make sure to keep your arms away from your body