Comparison of Resistance Bands Set

Kylin Sport Resistance Bands Set

trans kg1

Gofit Progym Resistance Bands Set


Sunframe Extreme Resistance Bands

sunframe large

Function (uses and who is it for?)

  • Suitable for use at home and gym
  • For amateurs and intermediate trainers

  • Suitable for use at home and gym
  • Amateurs, intermediate & expert trainers

  • Suitable for use at home, gym & outdoor
  • For intermediate and expert users

Bands and accessories

  • 5 resistance bands
  • Door anchor, chest band, handles, anchor strap, bag

  • 3/5 resistance bands
  • Door anchor, handles, anchor strap, training guide, bag

  • 5/6 resistance bands
  • Door anchor, handles, anchor strap, waist band, bag, manual

Resistance levelMedium to highMedium to extremeMedium to extreme
Options and PriceNo options. $38Progym ($38) OR Progym Extreme ($45)Combo 1 ($46) OR Combo 2 ($46)
Ease of Use / ComfortEasy, moderately comfortable to useModerately easy to use, comfortable to useEasy to use, very comfortable to use
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Detailed Comparison

In terms of function, all 3 sets are able to serve the purpose of building muscle, strength and improving fitness. There are minor differences and those who care about specific uses should choose wisely.

The Kylin Sports resistance bands set is meant more for amateurs and those who just started training with bands. Its a basic set and has relatively less unique features compared to the other sets. It is adequate for simple home use. A chest band is also included in the set to work your chest muscles. The kylin sports resistance bands set is the least durable among the 3 but it can still last for a long time (6 months-1 year depending on use). The bands in the set is also not as thick as the rest. However, the maimum resistance level would be adequate for a large majority of people. Learn More.

The gofit resistance bands has more features and can be used by professionals. It is made of higher quality materials which can be noticed upon using it for the first time. Its from  a Canadian brand and its quality is guaranteed. Those who are into weight training will also find the bands to be challenging. The full-colour laminated manual will also be useful for those who are using bands for the first time. The additional accessories like the extra door anchor will be useful for those looking to add variety for some users (more information provided in the manual). Learn More.