Cardio Workout With Resistance Bands

There are many ways in which you can use resistance bands to gove you a good workout. The flexbility of the bands and versatility of resistance bands exercises allows many cardio workouts to be performed with just one set of bands. In addition, the accessories that is provided with resistance bands sets increases the range of exercises that can be done to improve your cardiovascular system.

Boxing training

Many professional boxers use resistance bands to spice up their training and increase the intensity. Adding resistance bands to your boxing or MMX training makes it harder for you to move your arms and hence increase the tension in the muscles. To perform boxing exercises with resistance bands, use the door anchor provided to provide an anchor point for the bands to loop through. Turn your body away from the door anchor and grab the handles of the bands, 1 in each arm. Then extend your arm forward (one at a time) like how you would normally perform a punch.

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To increase the intensity of the workout, you can switch your legs as you switch arms. For example, when your left arm is extended, you can lunge your right leg forward and vice versa. In addition, to turn this into a fat scorching cardio exercise, you can increase the speed of your movements or increase the depth of your lunges and the distance of your punches.

Squat hops

With the bands anchored in the same way as in the boxing exercise above, you can perform jump squats. Holding one handle in each hand, face the door anchor and perform a squat. When you are down, push your arms to the back of your body. Next, quickly explode up using the power in your quads, at the same time, raise your arms to chest level. This exercise also works your triceps as your arms are extended backwards when you’re at the bottom of the squat.

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To increase the intensity of this exercise, you can stand further away from the anchor point. You can also jump higher or perform a bicep curl when you’re jumping up.

Knee raises

Loop the bands around your waist or use a waist attachment band provided in the Gofit progym extreme resistance bands set. Attach the ends of the band to the door anchor. Then take at least 4 steps from the anchor point and start doing knee raises at high intensity. You will find that the resistance bands will pull you back, the challenge is to stay in position and avoid getting pulled back.

You can also attach the bands to your ankle using the ankle straps. As a modification to this exercise, you can perform front kicks with the band attached to your ankles. Try stepping further away from the anchor point if the exercise is too easy for you.