Bicep & Tricep Exercises With Resistance Bands

You can work your arms effectively with the right resistance exercises for biceps and triceps. Compared to dumbbells and barbells, arms training with resistance bands set allows you to work your arms in a variety of ways from different angles. If you are looking for a new workout routine, consider trying the exercises below to tone and shape your arms.

Standard bicep curl (on foot)


This is the most basic bicep exercise that can be performed without any additional accessory. Holding the 2 handles in each hand, step with one foot on the middle on the band to secure it to the ground. Keeping your arms straight, pull the handles toward your shoulders. Maintain the starting position at the bottom of the torso and arms flat.

One variation of this exercise is to use 2 legs to secure the band to the ground instead of just one leg. This adds difficulty to the exercise. To further up the intensity, you can widen your stance (distance between 2 legs).

Preacher Bicep Curls


With the aid of a door anchor, attach the bands at shoulder height through the door anchor loop. Using underhand grip, hold both resistance bands handles in each hand and pull the handles towards your shoulders, Try to keep the rest of your body stationary when performing this exercise.

Seated wrist curl


If you prefer to be seated, loop the bands onto one foot and pull the band toward your chest slowly, keeping your palm faced towards you. Note that if you are using a light band, you might only be able to feel the tension if you pull a short distance of the band hence it is better to create a bigger loop around your foot.

Standing Hammer Curl

Hammer curls are identical to bicep curls except that the grip is opposite (i.e palms are facing towards the ground). This exercise works more of your forearm and some of your biceps.

Cross-body bicep curls

Standing in a similar position as the standard bicep curl, pull the resistance bands toward the opposite side of your body (pull your left arm to your right shoulder and vice versa). This exercise works the bicep from a different angle and creates a greater range of motion.

Cross-body hammer curl

A variation of the cross-body bicep curl that works the forearm. In this variation, the palms are facing away from the body.

Overhead tricep extension


This is a favourite exercise among bodybuilders. When using resistance bands on this exercise, the tension is way higher as the bands are stretched over a longer distance, hence a lighter band is recommended. Stepping on the middle of the band with one foot, bring both handles to the back of your body. With palms facing away from you, extend your arms so that the handles reach above your head.

To increase difficulty of this exercise, use a heavier band or pull both handles with only one hand. Also, you can step on the bands with 2 feet to increase the resistance.

Overhead tricep pulldown


With the aid of a door anchor attached at the top of a door, ensure that door is locked and door anchor is secure. Loop the band through the door anchor hold the resistance bands handle, one in each hand. Bend forward slightly and pull the bands away from the door by extending your arm to the back of your body.