Best Resistance Bands in Singapore

Singapore does not produce its own resistance bands or any fitness product. All of the resistance bands found in the market are imported from other countries, namely China, malaysia, USA. The quality of the product depends on the quality of the raw materials used and the design of the bands. Quality affects durability which is extremely important for resistance bands as replacing a set frequently can be costly.

Country of Manufacture

Most of the resistance bands in the market are manufactured in China. Many of you probably have varying opinions regarding china products but the general opinion is that the quality of goods produced in China is inferior compared to other countries. This may be true but does not apply to all products, especially fitness equipment. We have carried out strict testing on many resistance bands sold in China. There were many that fall below the standards but there were a couple of resistance bands set that exceeded our expectations.

Resistance Bands sets like the Kylin Sports Resistance Bands, Sunframe Resistance Bands are great in quality, durability and design. As we do not produce the products, we do not provide a warranty but you can be assured of the safety of the bands as there have been no complains so far regarding the bands snapping.

In addition, we also import resistance bands from other countries such as Canada. The quality of the products is definitely guaranteed as we only select from reknown brands such as Gofit. These brands however, do not directly sell their strength bands to Singapore hence their products might be rare in the market.

Finding a reseller

Many sporting goods store offer dumbbells and weights but few have resistance bands set. Searching online brings you to many ecommerce stores in singapore that sells affordable and good strength bands. It is recommended that you check with the seller if the features of the products suits your needs. Different resistance bands set has different unique features and not all are user-friendly. For example, resistance bands used by professional boxing athletes and sprinters are not meant for home use. Some resistance bands also helps you perform special exercises. The chest band for example, focuses on toning your chest muscle while the pull-up assist resistance bands helps you to do more pull-ups.

Read the reviews

If you are a careful buyer, reading testimonials from customers who already bought the product can help in assessing the quality of the resistance bands set. You can search for the products on Amazon or ebay, if you cannot find the exact product, reading reviews of similar products might also help.