bands training

Benefits of Resistance Bands Training

Reasons For Starting Bands Training

Exercise that challenges the muscles is a key to living a healthy lifestyle. You need to have a good mix of anaerobic and aerobic exercises to ensure healthy muscle and bone development. When people think of weight training, they immediately think of the traditional free weights, barbells, and bench presses. There are some fitness enthusiasts who would say that a superior weight-based workout is actually through resistance bands, for many reasons like safer, more convenient workouts. Let’s break-down the pros and cons of resistance bands training.

Eliminate the need for a fully-stocked gym

The beauty of resistance bands are their small, yet powerful package. They are also much cheaper than traditional free weights. Even the larger, more advanced resistance band sets collapse down to a duffle bag’s size that can be thrown in the back of your car when finished.

A complete workout

It’s very easy to get a full body workout when using resistance bands training. The bands can be used to put force and focus on different parts of the body and multiple parts simultaneously, giving you a quick, yet effective workout that you don’t have to plan your day around as with traditional gym routines.


That’s what resistance bands are all about: giving you the flexibility so that you can control your workouts. You can adjust your workouts on the fly, adding more bands for a more intense, focused workout, or using different size bands to choose between strength or endurance-based workouts.

Safer Training

When you use resistance bands instead of traditional weights, you’re able to safely do your workouts without needing things like a spotter or trainer to assist you. The resistance bands themselves provide a low-impact workout that is proven to be better for the body’s joints in the long-term.

Drawbacks to resistance bands training

The main criticism of resistance training is that the bands can be problematic for those new to workout out. Because of the bands flexibility and freedom of movement, it is possible for an amateur user to fall into improper form when performing certain exercises. Like with any new exercise or physical activity, you should always research and get professional advice about the do’s and don’ts of resistance bands training.

Once you learn good exercise habits, there is absolutely no danger in using resistance bands and the fear of them snapping is not based in facts outside of freak accidents, which is attributed to buying generic/cheap equipment.