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Durability of Resistance Bands in Singapore

The Number 1 Concern Durability of resistance bands is the utmost concern most people have when they are considering buying a set of resistance bands. Truth is most resistance bands are not as durable as dumbbell sets, but that does not mean that they do not last. Dumbbells virtually last forever unless you misuse them. [...]

Bicep & Tricep Exercises With Resistance Bands

You can work your arms effectively with the right resistance exercises for biceps and triceps. Compared to dumbbells and barbells, arms training with resistance bands set allows you to work your arms in a variety of ways from different angles. If you are looking for a new workout routine, consider trying the exercises below to [...]

How to Select The Best Resistance Bands

There are many choice for you if you are looking for a resistance bands set, however, with the wide choices available, how do you select the best resistance bands set for you? Not all resistance bands are the same, some bands are more durable, have more accessories, others are cheaper and more user-friendy. Below are [...]

Cardio Workout With Resistance Bands

There are many ways in which you can use resistance bands to gove you a good workout. The flexbility of the bands and versatility of resistance bands exercises allows many cardio workouts to be performed with just one set of bands. In addition, the accessories that is provided with resistance bands sets increases the range [...]

Why Resistance Bands are Better Than Dumbbells

Resistance bands can be used to substitute free weights for strength training. More and more people are begining to switch to resistance bands set as they realise its benefits. Resistance bands are an inexpensive and flexible alternative to dumbbells, there are several aspects in which resistance bands have an edge over dumbbell sets. Below are [...]

Resistance Bands Exercises

Resistance bands can be used to work every part of your body, from your neck to your calves, however, the learning curve for resistance bands is steeper compared to that of free weights. However, that does not mean that resistance bands exercises are less effective than weight training. Many professional use resistance bands training to [...]

Best Resistance Bands in Singapore

Singapore does not produce its own resistance bands or any fitness product. All of the resistance bands found in the market are imported from other countries, namely China, malaysia, USA. The quality of the product depends on the quality of the raw materials used and the design of the bands. Quality affects durability which is [...]