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How to get more results with resistance bands training

If you’ve begun to outgrow your first pair of resistance bands, you may be wondering what your next step should be to keep the momentum going and maintain the challenge in your workouts. Rather than going with what most people’s first instincts are (using thicker bands, buying one of those large, expensive contraptions), consider some [...]

Benefits of Resistance Bands Training

Reasons For Starting Bands Training Exercise that challenges the muscles is a key to living a healthy lifestyle. You need to have a good mix of anaerobic and aerobic exercises to ensure healthy muscle and bone development. When people think of weight training, they immediately think of the traditional free weights, barbells, and bench presses. [...]

Working Out with Resistance Bands

Introduction to Resistance Bands Training A lot of people nowadays are getting busier with all their professional errands. Due to this reason, they tend to forget that there are many things they have to focus and prioritize like eating the right amount of food, having fun from time to time, and exercising regularly.

Benefits Of Strength Training With Resistance Bands

Benefits Of Resistance Bands Strength Training Strength training is not just for the bodybuilders of this world. In fact, the vast majority of people who undergo strength training have absolutely no intention of becoming ‘big and buff’. Many are just happy that they get to enjoy the various benefits that often occur as a result [...]

Resistance Bands Training for Beginners

Resistance bands training tips for beginners Many who are new to strength training or working out prefer to get a set of resistance bands as their workout tool. Resistance training with bands can be beneficial in numerous ways. If you are a dummy when it comes to resistance bands training, the tips below might help [...]

Safety Tips For Resistance Bands Training

How To Avoid Injury During Resistance Bands Training Injury during resistance training is not uncommon, regardless of what equipment a person uses, be it dumbbells, barbells or resistance bands, there is a tendency to get injured. Those who love to push their body to the limits should be warned that injury among people like you [...]

Resistance Bands Maintenance Tips

How To Make Your Resistance Bands Last Longer In the previous post, we discussed about the durability of resistance bands and how to spot signs of wear and tear on your bands. Resistance bands are a great tool for workout. In addition, they are also durable and last anywhere between 1 to 2 years which [...]