10 Reasons Why You Should Start Bands Training.

Resistance bands does wonders in achieving fitness goals, for those who are wondering why they should start resistance bands training or switch to resistance bands training, below are 10 reasons that might convince you to pick up a set of bands.

1. Different type of resistance

For those who do weight training with dumbbells or barbells, they will be familiar with the resistance that the weights provide. Resistance bands provide a different kind of resistance as it does not rely on gravity but rather on the elasticity of the bands.

Since gravity is constant, the resistance by the weights is constant throughout the lifting, bands however, provides increasing resistance as the distance pulled increases. As a result, when doing a pulling or pushing movement, the resistance will increase as the extended distance increases.

2. Adds novelty/freshness to old moves

Performing similar routines with the same equipment can quickly lead to boredom, to break the monotony of old moves, you can change the equipment that you are using instead.

Using resistance bands to perform regular exercises can add freshness and encourage you to workout.

3. Save some money

Building a professional home gym is expensive, especially with rising cost. In addition, supplements also do not come cheap. The most expensive equipment in a home gym is weights. Having a complete set of dumbbells or barbells might cost up to $1000.

That’s not all, as your strength increases, you might need to purchase more weights plates to increase the resistance. Resistance bands, on the other hand, costs only $30-$50. A single set of bands can produce many different resistance levels to match different exercises.

Since you can combine multiple bands to one handle, you can create extreme levels of resistance by attching 3-5 bands to the handles. Bands like the bodylastics resistance bands allows up to 14 bands to be attached which is equivalent to 100kg of weights. Due to the limited length of the dumbbell bar, maximum weight of dumbbells is only 50-60kg.

4. You just started strength training.

Strength bands or elastic bands are the perfect tool for beginners to start working out. If you have not lifted weights before, you do not have to worry about which weight to buy or choosing the wrong weight. You can easily adjust the resistance level of the bands by the distance you pull.

Beginners can check out the Kylin Sports Resistance bands set which is geared more towards beginners but experienced trainers may find it effective as well.

5. You want to avoid the bulk

Not everyone who does strength training go for the bodybuilder physique which is big and bulky. Many prefer to build lean muscles and look slightly more muscular while avoiding the bulk. If you are one of them, you might want to avoid heavy weights and stick to lighter weights or a set of resistance bands which has proven benefits at improving muscle definition and increasing muscle size.

If you want to have a leaner physique, the gofit progym resistance bands can serve that purpose.

6. You need help with pull-ups

Pull-ups is one of best exercise that is performed many athletes and those who seek to improve stength. However, many people struggle with pull-ups due to lack of strength or excess body weight. In singapore, pull-ups is a mandatory exercise for fitness test which makes mastery of this exercise extremely important. For those who cannot do pull-ups, there are various forms of pull-up assist available.

The best pull-up assist method is with bands. There are resistance bands sold specifically for this purpose but normal resistance bands with handles will work just as well. To use resistance bands for pull-up assist, you can tie/loop the handles over the bar and loop it over the bar a few times till the length of the hanging portion is of suitable length. Then step on the handle of the hanging band. The elasticity of the bands will provide an upward force that will push you up, making it easier to perform the pull up.


For those who are already able perform pull-ups, the pull-up assist bands can increase your max pull-up reps much faster as it helps you to pump out extra reps during training. The pull-up assist bands is a much preferred method compared to using a chair as it preserves the natural body posture.

7. You Travel A Lot

The resistance bands set is most suitable for those who are constantly on the go and need something that they can carry along with them. Bands set that comes with carrying bag makes it easier to bring it around compared to other workout equipment like the pull up bar or dumbbell set.

8. You have limited space at home

Working out at home might pose a challenge when there is lmited space in your room for you to utilise. Unless you are willing to invest in a dumbbell rack, dumbbells takes up a lot of storage space especially if you have more than 1 set. Resistance bands on the other hand, offeres easy storage as bands and accessories can be folded and kept safely in one corner.

9. Yoga or stetching

Resistance bands can be incorporated into Yoga and pilates moves to increase the range of movement. If you have yoga classes, resistance bands can add variety to your yoga moves. One of the major benefits that resistance bands brought for me was aiding in warming up muscles. Usually, I would use a light band and perform simple moves like squats and shoulder press to warm up for my workout.

10. Safety

Those who lift heavy weights in the gym often need a spotter or a friend to help them with the last few reps in their set. This is because lifting heavy weights can be dangerous especially if you are going above your limits. Common accidents such as tripping over weights, getting crushed by weights will never happen if you use a set of resistance bands.