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Best Resistance Bands in Singapore


At, you can find the best collection of resistance bands set from all over the world, we are the official retailers from brands such as Gofit, Kylin Sports and TRX, etc. Resistance bands are the most versatile workout tool that is effective for various exercises from yoga to stength training. Having a set of resistance bands with accessories allows you to train anywhere, anytime. View all our products.


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Benefits of Bands Training

  • Increased strength and muscularity
  • Train smaller muscle groups that are hard to target
  • Light and portable. Train anywhere, anytime
  • Ideal for workout programs e.g P90x
  • Improve physique and flexibility
  • Burn calories and lose fat
  • Compact and space saving. Sets comes with bag

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Resistance Bands Exercises

Many exercises can be done with a set of resistance bands. Every muscle group in your body, even smaller ones that are hard to target, can be trained with the resistance bands exercises, a few examples are…

  • Standing, sitting and concentration curls for bicep muscles
  • Standing, sitting extensions and kickbacks for building tricpes
  • Woodchoppers, russian twist, reverse and kneeling crunch for abs
  • Standing chest press, incline chest press, bench press for chest
  • Front squat, leg extension, standing abduction for legs

What are Resistance Bands?

resistance bands trainingResistance bands have become a popular workout equipment among all ages and various groups of people. It is one of the most effective tools for building muscle, getting ripped and burning calories, in addition, it is the most user-friendly and portable exercise tool. Resistance bands are basically elastic, stretchable bands made out of rubber, they are typically used with handles to enable users to stretch the bands to create tension. View all our products.

What our customers say


The kylin sports resistance bands set is very complete. Good quality bands and useful accessories as well.

BenjaminOrder: Kylin Sports Resistance BandsWikiTravel

My customers were satisfied with the resistance bands set received, hope to work with you again for further bulk orders

DamienOrder: Kylin Sports Resistance BandsDoom Inc
Wan Ling

The resistance in the sunframe bands was a little too much for me, should have chosen a lighter set but quality and overall design is really good

Wan LingOrder: Sunframe Extreme BandsMax Mobilcom

Really satisfied with the resistance bands I ordered. Good quality latex bands and adjustable resistance levels. I have been using it for my stretching and strength training routines

MabelOrder: Kylin Sports BandsMedia Wiki